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Form Download

You may Izure of additional documents are required.
We are by law, get the information reveal your identity before you open an account, check, and you need to record. Depending on the laws and account type of your country, you might have to submit additional form by the customer is required. If you need assistance, please Contact the person in charge through right now live chat. Thank you for your cooperation.

Personal / joint account application form

Account application form and description for the individual account and joint account. Please make sure that you fill out to read all the necessary information.


Account Agreement, risk disclosure document, and trading rules

In this agreement, it outlines all the rules and regulations there is a need to follow as your Forex Heart.


Additional risk disclosure form

If your age is more than or 65 years of age under the age of 21, if the annual income is less than $ 25,000, a minimum of 6 months of futures, if there is no investment or trading experience in securities or foreign exchange, it is, is this form Is required. If applicable to any of the above conditions, fill out and sign this form is required to apply for Forex HeartAccounts.


Limited power of attorney form

All customers to specify a trading agent or trading company was given the authority to read the limited power of attorney form, sign it, you will need to agree to its contents. The trade representative, control the trading decisions of the account, given management, or instructions can be the authority, it is defined as a person other than you. Before Forex Heart is approved, fill out the form, you must include the appropriate signature and date.



Risk Warning

FX is a leveraged product, accompanied by a high risk of losing the investment principal at the maximum, you do not have may not be suitable for everyone. The risks associated with a good understanding, please be careful so that they are not invested with no money afford to lose. Please refer to the full risk disclosure of the Company.