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Foreign exchange(FX)

The phrase Forex and FX is the name that everyone knows about today.
These stands of the foreign exchange market, is the over-the-counter financial market in the world's largest and most fluctuating currency trading.
FX market is capable of 24-hour access per day, private businesses, we are running through a global network of companies and banks. In this movement continue market, such as to react immediately to the latest financial news, it offers a unique opportunity.
FX trading the currency in accordance with a particular rate, will be formed from a unique combination of investment and exchange.
Huge trading volume, global presence, small amount transaction costs compared to other financial markets, and by the margin increase due to leverage use, FX market has become a thing unparalleled.

The biggest feature of the FX

・Trading in the market, which boasts the world's liquidity
・53 kinds of currency pairs
・24 hours a day, 5 days a week
・Maximum leverage 1,000 times
・Tight spreads, no requote
・Access to 24 hours a day real-time market

Economic freedom

Economic freedom and democracy in the FX market, plays an important role.
FX market universal in open-minded about, investment opportunities that anyone can access There is no other.
Anyone can start trading without restriction. Skill, age, regardless of education or geographical location, FX is desire and want to increase the revenue, is open to all people with ready to invest in small.
When compared to other investment opportunities, FX will be listed in the top. Even if deposited in savings accounts or government bonds the money, while it is often low rate of return per year, FX investment There is no limit to the return generated.
Profit is not determined in advance.
This is a deal on how you,'s the direct result of how was what kind of deal.
The large profits in the FX, it is a fact that the higher level of risk is involved.
However, relatively low savings accounts and government bonds of the risk, it is almost no interest rate is compensated, never more than most of its interest rates even sometimes inflation rate.


In the FX market, set up a trading strategy made the decision, flexibility in obtaining a profit by investing is very valuable.
While the stock market of the world is only a few billion deal size per day, FX market is proud per day, a huge trading scale of 4 trillion, which corresponds to the 60-fold.
Country's economy will affect the FX market, but in this respect compared to the stock market, there is another advantage.
In other words, as opposed to buy the stock, FX investors is possible to obtain a profit regardless of the exchange rate fluctuations.
With a single click, without being limited to a place and time, you can buy and sell the currency at the exchange rate of the market value.

Risk Warning

FX is a leveraged product, accompanied by a high risk of losing the investment principal at the maximum, you do not have may not be suitable for everyone. The risks associated with a good understanding, please be careful so that they are not invested with no money afford to lose. Please refer to the full risk disclosure of the Company.