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Privacy Protection

This Privacy Policy, ForexHeart (hereinafter referred to as "Company") will be defined for the registration site and company information collected through other related sites and use of management methods, such as its Web site


ForexHeart respects the privacy of all users to access the site. Therefore, the company will assume the existing or potential customers, applicant, and the visitors responsibility to protect.

Account opening

To open an account of ForexHeart is, fill in the first necessary information in the account opening form, after the required documents attached, please send. After all of the documents are met, for the review of your application, to conform to the appropriate rules and regulations, the company will request the disclosure of personal information to our customers.

Also this information, the company will also be used for the purpose of notifying the customers for the service.

Personal information protection of confidential information and customers

ForexHeart is a corporation of New Zealand. Therefore, to store the personal information of all of our customers on the basis of the New Zealand law.

ForexHeart is, as long as there is no request of the regulatory authority of the jurisdiction, it does not disclose to third parties any confidential information of customers. Unless otherwise indicated by the regulatory authorities, "based on the need-to-know" will disclose the information. In the above situation, the company for the confidentiality of information, to notify explicitly third party.

Customers, in order to ForexHeart to improve the marketing activities of the company, timely, and entered into an agreement with other companies for the purpose of taking the statistical data, and as a result, the individual part or all of your personal information to the company that there is a possibility to disclose only aggregate data in a form that can not be identified, and shall accept, I agree.


ForexHeart, use the Webllet to debit from the payment or account to your ForexHeartAccounts. Webllet In other purpose, hold the information that can identify an individual, shared, does not store or use.


If the customer is no longer hope to hear from ForexHeart, according to the appropriate instructions that are included in each communication statement ForexHeart to send, you'll be able to opt-out (reception refusal).

If a third party other than the agent / service provider of ForexHeart to collect personal information of customers, customers with notification to that effect, in addition to a sufficient explanation, a guest who is sharing information with the party can you choose what.

Choice / Opt-out

ForexHeart respects the privacy of all users to access the site. Therefore, the company will assume the existing or potential customers, applicant, and the visitors responsibility to protect.


A cookie is (cookie), is saved for the purpose of recording the user's computer, is a text file of small size. ForexHeart uses cookies on its Web site. Company is not correlated with any personally identifiable information that may be provided with information stored in the cookie from the customer.

ForexHeart is, we use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies. Session ID cookies are not disabled even if you close the browser. Persistent cookies will remain for a period of time, the hard drive. Persistent cookies can be removed in accordance with the instructions in the "Help" file of your Internet browser.

ForexHeart has set a persistent cookie for the purpose of taking the statistics. In addition, persistent cookies, to track a user's location and interests to access the site of ForexHeart, squeezing the target, make it possible to improve the company to provide service experience.

Even if you reject cookies, customers but you can continue to use the site of ForexHeart, you can not submit the application form with ForexHeart.

What companies or one of the business partners of ForexHeart uses cookies on its site. There is no access, is authorized to manage in these cookies is to ForexHeart.

Protection of security and your personal information

Personal information it if you submit when they are registered as a user of the site and services, will be classified as "registration information". "Registration information" is protected by a variety of means. You may not use the password you selected in your own, you can access the "registration information". This password is encrypted, not informed at all in others. Your password, please do not never tell others. "Registration information" is stored on a secure server, you can access with a password only to the persons concerned. Company encrypts all of your personal information when you transfer to ForexHeart, so that no such information is exposed to the eyes of a third party other than the parties, will take all necessary means.

In addition, with respect to not "registration information" information in the personal information that has been provided to ForexHeart, and store it in a secure server, as well, it can be accessed by using a password only to the persons concerned. Customers will not be able to access this information. Therefore, even if the customer wants a modification of your information, passwords can not tell you.

Access to information that can identify an individual

If you change to personally identifiable information has occurred, please Contact.


ForexHeart is, in accordance with the laws and regulations, to protect the rights of the company, and / or judicial proceedings, court order, or if the company that it is necessary to disclose in order to comply with the delivered legal proceedings to determine, personally identifiable we reserve the right to disclose your information. ForexHeart, with respect to misuse or loss of personal information due to the access rights and management rights without cookies on the company site to the company, not responsible. ForexHeart, the password abuse of by your own, handling deficiencies, negligence, due to malice, not responsible for the use of illegal or unauthorized of your personal information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

If you decide to change the privacy policy, this Privacy Policy, page, and other companies posted the change in the location that you deemed appropriate, to gather what information company, using it how to, what kind of whether to disclose the information in the situation, we will endeavor so that you can recognize.

ForexHeart reserves the right to change at any time this Privacy Policy. It is proposed, we, thank you to please check the frequently content. The event of a significant change in this policy, by notification in the home page of an e-mail or FxPro, to notify the change.


If you have any questions about the "Privacy Policy", please Contact.

Privacy policy

This privacy statement applies in the relevant sites, including and other web site, our web site has been registered • operated by the Company.


In order to your account to a new opening in the ForexHeart, first to attach the required documents to fill in the application form, you will need to be sent. Your personal information that is to fill out the application form, the Company will be also be used to evaluate the time to activate your new account. In addition, if there is a request of financial authorities which the Company is subject to approval and regulation, there is a need to provide personal information in order to comply with the laws and regulations that define. Also, this personal information is also used to contact you for the Company to provide services to our customers.

Personal information protection of confidentiality and client

ForexHeart agrees to treat your personal information that has been provided as confidential information to the application on this Web site. We offers investment and ancillary services based on information provided by the customer. It represents that all of the information given to you is true and accurate, and shall guarantee.

Your personal information, and maintenance of computer records, unless the company is granted on the basis of evidence that explicit "need to know", will not be disclosed to other third-party organizations.

In order to provide our services, your assets, its successors in business, agreement to disclose the information to the institution that holds the other organizations that have been entered. Disclose information in accordance with the instructions of the authorities with a request or authority by law. Our compliance • advisor, to disclose information to the auditors and other similar institutions.

Our Under such circumstances, with respect to confidentiality of explicit information, it must notify the third party.

In addition, we may disclose the information to other companies within the Group.

The Company for deposits and withdrawals to your account, we use the card processing company. Card processing company, or to save maintain the personal information of customers, there is no possible to use personally identifiable information for other purposes.

The Company, in order to improve any time marketing, when engaged in the purpose and business activities on the statistics, as a result, some of your personal data, or all, there may be disclosed on the basis of the anonymous and aggregate.

We are, and if there is no notification of a change of your personal information, when the change of your personal information by such similar causes have inaccurate and can not be held responsible. Our personal information of customers, I would like to confirm that this is the accurate and up-to-date. Customers to modify or delete the information you think is inaccurate, you can also ask to our company.

The Company, business • transaction, client classification, keeps a record of financial promotion for a minimum of five years.


ForexHeart respects the privacy of all users to access the site. Therefore, the company will assume the existing or potential customers, applicant, and the visitors responsibility to protect.

Risk Warning

FX is a leveraged product, accompanied by a high risk of losing the investment principal at the maximum, you do not have may not be suitable for everyone. The risks associated with a good understanding, please be careful so that they are not invested with no money afford to lose. Please refer to the full risk disclosure of the Company.