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Accounts Two types of account types to choose

In ForexHeart, was a transaction fee to free the "standard account", we have prepared two types of account types to achieve a transaction fee of industry lowest "nano spread account".
Standard account, a highly transparent by the STP system market, nano spread account, and provides a highly liquid market traders in the fair by the ECN system.
Both accounts also, as a trading tool, adopting the MetaTrader (Meta Trader) that there is the most adopted proven track record in the world. Use restrictions and automated trading programs (Expert Advisor), there is no regulation of the prohibition of both built-scalping, you can participate in the world-wide market.
In addition to MetaTrader (Meta Trader) is, to choose an excellent trader, easily TFTrader that can copy trade, the professional trader for, offers three platforms of ClearPro.


It adopted the STP method, the general of the Trader account (trading fees)
Standard account, will be the most major account of ForexHeart. From beginner traders so that we can widely available to professional traders, the trading unit and from 0.01 lot (1,000 currency), we have lowered the initial deposit amount at the time of account opening to a minimum of $ 200.
・1,000 times the maximum leverage(It depends on the deposit margin maximum amount)
・Minimum deposit USD 200 ~
・Transaction fees
・The lowest number of transactions 0.01Lot ~

NANO Spread Account

Very narrow is spread and the account that achieves quick commitments.
Nano spread account, ForexHeart's world-class, will be low spread ECN account. In ForexHeart, reduce operating costs, the original policy that does not collect the excess cost from customers, we realize that the ECN conclusion of a contract fee to <US $ 3.0 / lot>.
・1,000 times the maximum leverage(It depends on the deposit margin maximum amount)
・Minimum deposit USD 200 ~
・Transaction fee 1 order US $ 3 / 1Lot
・The lowest number of transactions 0.01Lot

Account Overview

Account Standard Nano spread
Order system STP ECN
Minimum deposit USD 200
Products Forex 68 currency pairs, Precious metals 2 stocks, CFD 10 stocks, Commodities 3 stocks
Maximum leverage 1:1,000:Deposit margin upper limit USD5,000 equivalent or less
1:500:Deposit margin upper limit USD10,000 equivalent or less
1:300:Deposit margin upper limit USD20,000 equivalent or less
1:200:Deposit margin upper limit USD50,000 equivalent or less
1:100:Deposit margin upper limit USD100,000 equivalent or less
Other:No deposit margin upper limit
Account currency unit USD
Account opening / maintenance costs Free (0 yen)
Demo Account Free offer


Dealings conditions

Account Standard Nano spread
Order Unit 0.01 Lot (1,000 Currency)
Minimum / maximum number of orders 0.01 Lot (1,000 Currency) / Limitless
Request for additional margin None (If the margin has become negative by the sudden market fluctuations, the zero cut)
Margin call If the margin retention ratio was lower than the 50%
Loss cut If the evidence money maintenance rate falls below 20%
Canes deal Possible
Transaction system MetaTrader4(Mobile OK)
Price Display Unit 3-digit / 5-digit display



Account Standard Nano spread
Spread method Change system
Spread value in preparation


Risk Warning

FX is a leveraged product, accompanied by a high risk of losing the investment principal at the maximum, you do not have may not be suitable for everyone. The risks associated with a good understanding, please be careful so that they are not invested with no money afford to lose. Please refer to the full risk disclosure of the Company.